Major Noise, Minor Voice

Zelda Diedrich and Dean Ruddock

"Major Noise, Minor Voice – extra-parliamentary voices" addresses in a subjective way the shift in the boundaries of what can be said in the political discourse on diversity, as perceived by many. Here, extremes meet – voices that are given a platform in parliaments nationwide and from there contribute significantly to changing the social climate and the voices of those who are more often discussed about than heard. The media art students Zelda Diedrich and Dean Ruddock collected reports of experiences in the queer and BIPOC communities of Weimar and Erfurt, as well as the environment of the Bauhaus University. Those affected are given the space to speak about their experiences with everyday discrimination. The result is a sound collage rich in contrast, which documents the consequences of increasing populism, but also how deep the social divide is between those who speak in parliaments and those who are spoken about.

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Major Noise, Minor Voice.
Extra-parliamentary voices – a collage by Zelda Diedrich and Dean Ruddock.

Jonas Teshome Toaspern
Adhika Ferdinand
Maria Paula Maldonado Mendoza
Miguel Buenrostro
Louisa Hainich
Amelie Schwan
Zelda Diedrich
Karlotta Sperling
Sound: Tobias Ludwig
Music: Dean Ruddock
Sound Editing: Zelda Diedrich, Dean Ruddock
Idea: Zelda Diedrich
Direction & Editing: Zelda Diedrich, Dean Ruddock

Created in 2020 at the Chair for Experimental Radio of the Bauhaus University Weimar.
Universität Weimar.